Why Does Drinking Cause Addiction?

This question has long been debated by many people. Although there are many factors that come into play, the primary reason as to why an individual develops an addiction to alcohol is because they have experienced some form of trauma in their lives. Whether this was caused by abuse, rape or something else, when the mind is overwhelmed and unable to deal with certain situations the individual will begin to experience symptoms of addiction. In addition, the individual will have developed a dependency on the substance or alcohol they are addicted to and cannot live a life without it.

Alcohol Addiction Information

The causes of alcoholism can be many. There are many books and articles written about this subject all over the world. However, what has been found to be true time and again is that every person reacts differently to alcohol. In fact, everyone is different and unique in how they react to it. That is why, no matter where you go, you can never run across people who share identical drinking habits just like you.


Why does this even matter? If you are asking this question, chances are you either already suffer from alcohol addiction or have a loved one that does. When you consider this fact, the next logical step is to ask; “Why can’t everyone just quit?”


The answer is very simple. When an individual quits drinking all of the sudden, they must not know how they are going to live without alcohol. They will most likely have a hard time adjusting to life without the “binge” feeling.


The truth about alcoholism is that it is a disease. It is not a physical thing. This means that if the body does get a hold of alcohol, there is no cure for it. In fact, if the body is not addicted to alcohol, then quitting will be much more difficult than trying to get it hooked again.


This does not mean that someone that is addicted to alcohol cannot quit. It just means that it will be a little more difficult. It should be noted that many people who suffer from a form of alcohol addiction are able to quit after treatment. Why is this so?


The reason is because, once an individual has gotten to this point in their life, they are used to the feeling of comfort and relief that comes from drinking. If you ask someone that has suffered from alcoholism, then you are going to hear a resounding answer that this is not something that they can quit. The reason for this is because once a person has become dependent on alcohol, they cannot without getting withdrawal symptoms.


Now that you know why does drinking cause addiction, you may be able to make some changes in your own life. Of course, you want to make sure that the changes do not include alcohol. If you have been able to cut back or completely eliminate your drinking, then you are in the clear.


Individuals that are dealing with addictions need to take stock in themselves and determine if the problem really is a problem. Some individuals may actually be able to overcome their problems. However, many times people tend to use coping mechanisms when they try to quit drinking. They may turn to alcohol or caffeine to make them feel better. This is known as self-medication and it is a huge problem.


If you are dealing with a problem, then you should seek help. One of the main reasons why people turn to alcohol is because they feel depressed, anxious, or even guilty. When you realize that there is a real problem and that alcohol can actually make you worse, then you can decide if it is worth it. If not, then you can start to work on finding other alternatives.


Why does drinking contribute to an addiction problem? When an individual drinks alcohol, they are taking in another chemical into their system. It creates a dependency on the alcohol which makes it difficult to get away from. You may find yourself drinking multiple drinks during the day or drinking while driving or while at work. This creates an even higher level of dependence and makes it even more difficult to overcome.


Learning to recognize your own personal triggers and turn away from them is one way to make sure that you do not have to drink alcohol. It is important to be honest with yourself so that you can make healthy changes in your life. Turning to alcohol as a coping mechanism can lead to a problem and should be avoided.

Alcohol Addiction Information